Other IT projects

It is that time of the week again!  “It should be a doddle” I think these will be my famous last words.  Unfortunately I have not managed to sort out the printers for Windows 7 RC.  I did get as far as downloading the Vista drivers though, so halfway there. 

Over the past week there have been a number of other IT projects that required working on – including excel coding and SQL coding.  This is great when it works, but as I’m not a coder / programmer getting the code to work does not happen first time, and so can be quite distracting.  I persist though, because when it does in the end work, it is brilliant and knowing that it can help someone else with their work is a good achievement for me. 

One of the other IT projects I have been working on is the installation of digital dictation.  I have never used any dictation equipment, but because this had USB connections I was more interested.  So far I have set a shared folder and added the drive mapping to the logon script, Ive tried out a couple of devices and drivers, just waiting for the main dictation software now. 

The Phillips SpeachMike Pro seem to be quite good pieces of kit – however – I must warn all those style gurus out there – they only come in 1990s PC beige.  Still it looks OK, but word is, there could be a wireless version – either bluetooth or RF.  So Ideally it would be USB RF/ or bluetooth, and be in the 2000’s office standard colour “Dell Black” would a brushed aluminium trim be out of the question, and lets not forget the compulsory blue light that does nothing.

Joking aside, this should prove to be a vast improvement over the current analogue system, although trying to imagine a crazy world where an office has no paper is just too far fetched.  According to the sales spreadsheet the system will pay itself back in 6 months, I wonder if in 6 months I’ll start getting a cut of the payback???


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