You need to download Adobe flash!!!!!! AGAIN!!!

After updating Adobe flash everyday for 2 weeks, I am pleased to report that none of my browsers support adobe flash video now!!  New IT Helpdesk routine – login, update Adobe Flash, check backups etc etc. try and view any internet flash based files, error, download another version of adobe flash – wait 10 minutes for the installation to do anything, try again to view page, error.

You can kinda see where Apple are coming from with the adobe flash not working on their products – other machines allow it, and with a new download every 24 hours, it still doesn’t work anyway!!!  Pathetic!!

Backward compatibility – I think what is really a good feature of Adobe flash is the way it is 100% not backward compatible for using older versions, having said that, updating to the latest version is more likely to make your browser crash, and still be unable to play anything.

Adobe – you need to sort this out, it was always has been a bit fussy about playing files in flash, but since Feb this year – you might aswell forget it!


One response to “You need to download Adobe flash!!!!!! AGAIN!!!

  1. Fire Fox 4 to the rescue on this one, download and intsall – less than 3 minutes, able to open webpages fast without error – tick, able to run flash video, tick!!!!
    IE9 and Chrome stumble again!

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