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IE9 – downloaded

IE9 downloaded and installed, Great to see the usual “you must restart your computer” message again, something I miss from the install / uninstall of Chrome or Firefox.

First impressions – looks like a copy of the Chrome with square edges.  interesting to see the use of the Chrome tabs – what I mean there is if you click on the tab to view the page – and you happen to be clicking near or on the X then you close the window.  Thankfully IE9 asks you if you want to navigate away – which is better!

Your most popular sites includes 2 more thumbnails than Chrome – but they are not thumbnails of the last viewed page, but favicons of the site – which is not as good.  Why can we not have a sliding button like when viewing a file that you can drag from: details, up to extra-large icons – that just fill the screen – as many as you can!?!?!  An omission.  And I much prefer the Chrome thumbnails.

Internet tools / settings – same as all IE since IE5 or 6.  Manage Add ons is just as weird and confusing as ever – just a list of add ons and options to turn on/off or delete would be handy.

Unlike IE7 which seemed to crash at the thought of loading a webpage – and made me switch from IE on all my machines, IE9 has so far not crashed and worked fine – and is just as fast as Chrome if not better

we wont be testing this on server 2003 or windows XP, as it is not available for those op sys, no matter how popular they are.

To summarise, IE9 is much improved from 7/8 and includes many nice features from Chrome that I like (including not crashing), but I think I’m converted to Chrome now for my normal browsing, IE9 for certain websites.  PS this post was written using IE9 browser!


Other IT projects

It is that time of the week again!  “It should be a doddle” I think these will be my famous last words.  Unfortunately I have not managed to sort out the printers for Windows 7 RC.  I did get as far as downloading the Vista drivers though, so halfway there. 

Over the past week there have been a number of other IT projects that required working on – including excel coding and SQL coding.  This is great when it works, but as I’m not a coder / programmer getting the code to work does not happen first time, and so can be quite distracting.  I persist though, because when it does in the end work, it is brilliant and knowing that it can help someone else with their work is a good achievement for me. 

One of the other IT projects I have been working on is the installation of digital dictation.  I have never used any dictation equipment, but because this had USB connections I was more interested.  So far I have set a shared folder and added the drive mapping to the logon script, Ive tried out a couple of devices and drivers, just waiting for the main dictation software now. 

The Phillips SpeachMike Pro seem to be quite good pieces of kit – however – I must warn all those style gurus out there – they only come in 1990s PC beige.  Still it looks OK, but word is, there could be a wireless version – either bluetooth or RF.  So Ideally it would be USB RF/ or bluetooth, and be in the 2000’s office standard colour “Dell Black” would a brushed aluminium trim be out of the question, and lets not forget the compulsory blue light that does nothing.

Joking aside, this should prove to be a vast improvement over the current analogue system, although trying to imagine a crazy world where an office has no paper is just too far fetched.  According to the sales spreadsheet the system will pay itself back in 6 months, I wonder if in 6 months I’ll start getting a cut of the payback???