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Windows 7 RC update


It has been a week since I installed Windows 7 RC, and I’m glad to report all is well.  There have been no errors, software has all installed first time with success, and the audio driver was actually found using the download driver from Microsoft website!  Windows 7 RC looks really good on screen.  The best bits from Vista have been kept and other changes include subtle improvements. 

Booting and shutting down are fast.  An unscientific race against XP saw the XP ctrl alt del screen first by a couple of seconds, but then the login process by WIndows 7 was like lightening and left XP eating its dust!  When resuming from Hibernate Windows 7 RC is on a par with XP, both leaving Vista well behind – which is a great sign for its green credentials.  Is it just me or does anyone else miss the little hibernating… Windows graphic??

Next step is to load up the network printers – so will have to look at using the Vista network drivers from HP.  A bit of forward planning on the server side, then adding them in Windows 7.  Should be a doddle – I will let you know.


Windows 7 RC

It has been a good day today.  I downloaded Windows 7 RC last night – approx 3 hours.  The Windows 7 RC iso file was complete and burned onto DVD in minutes.  After which an unused machine was the target.  total installation time was around 30 minutes and went without a hitch. 

Brilliant – Windows 7 RC has found all the right drivers to the hardware apart from the audio driver.  It runs fast and the screen, icons, look and feel is excellent. 

There is a lot of Vista which is not a bad thing as I like the Vista Orbs.  The new task bar looks nice and neat and the speed of the machine is great – I haven’t seen the swirly circle egg timer yet. 

a couple of things to sort out then 1. The sound card driver.  2. The gadgets toolbar 3. Try out Windows Media player 12.  4. Add onto my domain and see how I get on with installing software.



First impressions of Windows 7 RC are it is a good looking operating system, that installs very quickly (Yet to try the update existing op sys). When installed 90% of drivers are found and hardware correctly installed.  Looking forward to working on this more.